Our Twin Turbo System consists of the following components and benefits:
CBR Performance TT K-member (engine cradle) that includes all necessary hardware for complete installation.
Our K member has been designed from the ground up to provide not only the necessary room for two turbochargers and wastegates but also to increase chassis stiffening in order to provide better handling. There are no modifications to the stock suspension geometry. The sway bars are uninhibited. The rear lower control arm mounting points have been fully boxed in for increased rigidity and handling.
Our innovative integration of turbocharger intake tubes (PATENT PENDING) not only maximizes room for large turbocharger upgrades but also prevents the intake tubes from sucking shut under high boost conditions a common problem with other twin turbo systems.
All factory brake lines fit snug and clean.
All factory alignment dowels and holes replicated.
CBR Performance Engine mounting system that includes all necessary hardware for complete installation.
Our custom designed engine mounts not only greatly increase powertrain stability, but also allow customized engine positioning.  You are able to loosen the engine mounts and slide the engine up to ¾” left or right for ease of future maintenance and system installation.
The highest quality Delrin bushings are used throughout.
CBR Twin Turbo Hotside that includes all necessary hardware for complete installation with coated header bolts to resist corrosion.
Our custom designed headers allow for simple spark plug changes that do not require any more effort than changing them on a stock vehicle.
3” Down pipes that allow for superior flow.  The down pipes extend to the transmission cross member.
All transmission configurations are compatible with our system ie. 4L60E, TH350, TH400, 4L80E, Power Glide, T-56, Viper spec T-56, and Magnum T-56.
3” V band connection for turbocharger discharges, two bolt style wastegate flanges that can be upgraded to accommodate larger wastegates
O2 sensor bungs retained in correct positions.
Coated to prevent corrosion.
CBR Twin Turbo Coldside that includes all necessary hardware for complete installation.
ModularTurbo spec air to water intercooler core with CBR TIG welded end tanks and mounting brackets.
 6.2 gallon CBR TIG welded aluminum water reservoir with integrated TIG welded aluminum engine coolant overflow tank that replaces the stock tank and relocates it to the rear hatch area.
Easy access reservoir drain fitting for track days when ice is being used.
In-tank pump mounting brackets TIG welded to the inside of the tank with easy access for maintenance.
Rule 2000 water pump.
CBR hand brazed heat exchanger (copper & brass construction) with fan shroud and 8” Derale fan.
CBR pump and heat exchanger fan timing system w/ boost referenced control circuitry & digital adjustable post run timer (1 minute – 6 minute).
2.5” to 3.5” Y-pipe with integrated 50mm blow off valve flange w/ included 50mm BOV.
All of our silicone couplers are of the highest quality fiber reinforced silicone.
Stainless steel T bolt clamps used throughout the pressurized sections of the Coldside.
All fittings, tanks, lines, and cooler cores, leak tested for high pressure use.
Your choice of MAF or Speed density intake pipe.
3 x 1/8” NPT bungs are pre-installed for nitrous, water/meth, boost reference point, or whatever you would like to use them for.
1 x 3/8” NPT bung pre-installed for screw in type GM IAT sensor.  (prevents IAT sensor blow out under boost)
Powder Coating is standard
CBR high torque starter with CNC machined billet aluminum head.
CBR turbocharger drain system that includes all necessary hardware & fittings for complete installation. 
Oil pan modification service is included in Base Pricing (US customers only)
CBR oil feed system with CNC machined billet aluminum twin turbo oil distribution block.
Turbonetics turbochargers come standard. There are many configurations available for any engine combination.The following Turbonetics turbochargers will fit this kit:
Turbonetics T4 Tangential housing 60 series compressor cover/T series line turbos with 3” v band discharge.
Compressor choices are as follows: 58mm 61mm 66mm 70mm 72mm 76mm 78mm
Turbine wheel choices are as follows: F1- 57 F1-62 F1-65 F1-68
Ball bearing turbochargers and Billet compressor wheels are available for any supported turbocharger configuration for an additional cost.
Ceramic coating of the turbine housing is available for an additional cost.
  Fully illustrated instruction manual. 
  7 days a week install helpline 252-562-3899.
  1 year warranty on all moving parts including, wastegates, blow off valve, turbochargers, pumps, starter, fans, and electronics.
If you have any questions about our system or need sales help please contact: Rob Josvai@Modular Turbo 252-562-3899.  Email: